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10 Unbelievable Underwater American Discoveries - playonclick.com

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By: American EyePublished: 2 years ago

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You won't believe what amazing discoveries people have made here in America even an underwater Stonehenge in Lake Michigan!

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6. The Mississippi Pirate Boat
Did you know the pirates were even in the Mississippi River searching booty? This discovery was made near Missouri after a group of scuba divers decided spontaneously to search for riverboat artifacts and uncovered a boat from the 17 hundreds in remarkable condition! How did no one find this before? It was only in a river. This 300 year old boat was called the Negrito by its crew, and the captain who sailed this boat through the seas was Black Eye Dan. Hold on minute, You’re telling me this fake. Okay turns out this was a cruel hoax among the people of Arkansas and St. Louis. So if you came across this story or read it somewhere, it’s our job to let you know this one wasn’t real. Cool photo nonetheless.

5. Lake Mead Ghost Town
As water levels area at an all time low at Lake Mead due to a severe drought in recent years, this reveals a ghost town. Each year, Las Vegas’ water reservoir seems to diminish slowing and things that were once underwater are now popping up, even small cities! Unbelievable but this is true. The abandoned town of St. Thomas is now visible and can soak up the sun. People fled their homes when the Hoover Dam was built. It blocked the waterflow and in 1938 this city was submerged and was even below 60 feet of water! Founded in 1865, this is also one of the oldest cities in Southern Nevada even older than Sin City by 40 years! Tourists can now visit the ruins of this ghost town. This just goes to show how fast water goes missing in the desert.

4. New Jersey’s Deep Train Graveyard
Off of the Jersey Shore, two mysterious trains rest in peace deep underwater. What it’s doing there or how it got there, archeologists are still unsure of. This is one of the oldest models of trains we know of from the 1850’s. Some believe this is the train was simply pushed off of a boat to prevent it from crashing due to a large storm. Now completely covered in rust, this machine was state of the art technology for its time but amazingly well preserved. Even the smokestacks that make this piece so unique are still visible after a century and a half have passed. The New Jersey Transportation Museum is planning on bringing this back to the surface in order to conduct research.

3. Skeleton Tea Party
The Scuba divers who decided to swimming in the Colorado River spotted a bone chilling discovery. While diving at the bottom of the river, they discovered a few skeletons dressed up in wigs and sunglasses. One even had a sign that said Bernie Although the skeletons weren’t real, the diver who discovered them thought they were and called the authorities immediately. Arizona police knew they were. They realized Bernie was reference to the “weekend at Bernies” movie where people carried their dead boss around the beach pretending he was alive. The cops thought it was funny and they put them outside the station for a good laugh.

2. Radioactive Aircraft Carrier
A world war 2 aircraft carrier has recently been uncovered off the coast of San Francisco and the cargo it was carrying is quite deadly. Hundreds of barrels of radioactive waste are still located within. It’s also in quite remarkable condition as if it’s ready to go to battle. Luckily the radioactive waste is not contaminating the ocean according to nuclear scientists. The fact that this aircraft is holding tons of toxic material right off the coast of an American city is quite astounding. There is still visible damage

1.Spanish Armada Treasure
The Spanish had an extraordinary navy that was feared among many countries. With the discovery of the new world and the plunder from their colonies lead to large amounts of treasure being transported back home to Spain. Unfortunately for them, not all these galleons and transport boats survived the journey. In this case, a hurricane destroyed a large fleet of boats that were sailing from Havana, Cuba to Spain that was carrying an estimated 400 million dollars worth of treasure. 300 years later, a family in Florida came across a rare discovery and it made them millionaires in the process. 175 million dollars worth was recovered. Of course, the Florida government will take their share of the plunder but the family will hold on to 51 rare coins and other priceless artifacts.

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