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Check out these rare conditions that turn people into superheroes! From super human strenth to special gifted genius people, this top 10 list of diseases that give people superhero abilities is absolutely mysterious!

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11. Hyperthymesia
Also known as highly superior autobiographical memory, or HSAM, hyperthymesia is a condition wherein a person remembers an abnormally vast number of their life experiences in detail. As of now, only 60 people in the world have this condition. Patients can describe any day of their life in vivid detail, even from their childhood, and can recite from books they’ve read from years ago. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I would love to remember all the books I’ve read!
The first case of hyperthymesia was reported in 2006 in the journal Neurocase. The article described a woman referred to as “AJ” who could recall events and dates from her life with superhuman accuracy. Researchers interviewed and tested her for five years prior to the article. Eventually, the patient was revealed to be a woman named Jill Price, who later published a memoir called The Woman Who Can’t Forget.
Despite how amazing it sounds, it wasn’t what you might think. Price said that she didn’t find it helpful in school and reported problems with rote memorization. Once, researchers asked her to close her eyes and recall what clothes she was wearing at the moment. She couldn’t. Well, that’s kind of like the rest of us who can’t even remember what we had for dinner!
People with hyperthymesia report a superior memory for dates and that the past often feels like the present when they recall it. Memories also tend to feel very emotionally intense. They also feel burdened and isolated by their gift. It just gets to be too much. People with hyperthymesia tend to have traits similar to OCD, where they can’t stop thinking about certain events or dates. Interestingly, they are still susceptible to “false memories”. Scientists found that they were just as suggestible as normal people and could be manipulated into incorrectly remembering news footage.

10. Myostatin-Related Muscle Hypertrophy
This disease reduces body fat and can double muscle mass. It’s caused by a deficiency in the MSTN gene, which is responsible for the production of a protein called myostatin. Myostatin helps the body control the development and growth of tissues. Essentially, when the gene goes wrong, the body can’t control how much muscle is grown.
This condition is so rare scientists aren’t even sure how many people have it.
Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy was first discovered in the 1990s but it was only recorded in Belgian Blue cattle. These cows are known for their unusually large muscle mass. To learn more check out my video on “bizarre creatures created by science”
Then, in 2000, a German boy was reported to have this condition. However, it wasn’t officially entered into any medical literature for another four years.
The boy, Liam Hoekstra, was diagnosed at age three when he began displaying superhuman strength. This kid is all muscle! Despite his age, he could lift five-pound dumbbells and perform multiple chin-ups. Liam possesses almost 40 percent more muscle mass than other kids of his age, an extremely fast metabolism, and very little body fat. As of yet, the condition has not had an adverse effect on his health. His parents shield him from media exposure so that he can have a normal childhood. Liam is a real life superhero!

9. Congenital Analgesia
People born without the ability to feel physical pain have a condition known as congenital analgesia. However, despite its rarity, one village in Sweden has reported 40 cases of people with the same condition.
Not being able to feel pain sounds like the best superpower to have. However, it’s extremely dangerous, especially for little children. A person who cannot feel pain won’t know if they’re injured or have an illness that causes pain. Small children can easily hurt themselves while playing and continue hurting themselves without realizing they’re doing it.
One especially chilling example of this comes from Steven Pete, who grew up in Washington State. Pete’s parents knew something was wrong when, at four or five months, he started chewing his tongue while teething. He was taken to a pediatrician, who ran needles up and down his back, as well as held a cigarette lighter under his foot, before determining that Pete had the rare condition. By that point, he had chewed off a quarter of his tongue.

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