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Mother nature has some amazing animals and insects! Here are 12 of the coolest camouflaged animals and insects!

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5 - Pygmy Seahorses
Oh so cute! These aquatic creatures are found in Southeast Asia in the Coral Triangle area and are some of the smallest seahorses in the known world, typically measuring less than 2 centimeters in height. That's less than an inch! These tiny little horses of the sea camouflage best amongst sea grasses, soft corals, or flowering sea fans. These mammals have a fleshy head and body, a very short snout and a long prehensile tail. There are at least eight different species of seahorses along with several dwarf species out there as well. They are best known for their bright colors and adorable qualities.

4 - Buff-Tip Moth
Can you spot our little hidden moth secret agent? These crazy cool camouflage artists begin their lives as yellow and black caterpillars found throughout Europe and Mongolia, most commonly Southern Britain. Once transformed into their final stage of life, these moths are fairly large and heavy bodied with impressive wingspans which reach between 55 and 69 millimeters. When resting, adults of this species resemble a broken twig of a silver birch and are known for flying in June and July. These creatures often gather in large numbers and eat the leaves of lime, birch, hazel and willow trees and are known to be heavy eaters, sometimes defoliating entire branches of trees from their wooded world. These silver and grey colored nocturnal flying insects have buffy heads and a buff patch at the end of their wings and are most commonly found in gardens and shrubbery.

3 - Tawny Frogmouth
Stop looking for a frog, it’s actually a bird, carefully concealed as tree bark. This next camouflage creature is a bird native to Australia, though nocturnal, you can often spot them sleeping during the day on trees, if you know where and how to look. These big-headed stocky birds are often mistaken for owls, they usually measure from 34 to 53 centimetres in length with weights recorded up to one and a half pounds, their wingspans are roughly 65 to 98 centimetres long. These birds feed mostly on insects and small invertebrates like frogs or mice. Their brown and grey coloring help them mimic damaged tree branches, proving again that the perfect hiding place is always found in plain sight. These animals are most commonly found in forests and woodlands and the occasional savannah and have adapted to human presence which allows them to frequent parks and gardens in their homeland of Australia.

2 - Snow Leopard
Can you spot the feral kitty cat? These large felines at native to the mountain ranges of Central and Southern Asia, I'm sad to say these beautiful creatures are endangered, which may be why they have gotten so good at hiding from seeing eyes. These mountain beasts generally weigh about 60 to 120 pounds though they can reach sizes of 165 pounds, they have long tails, around 30 to 40 inches in length. The bodies of these kitties are most commonly 30 to 60 inches long and stand about 24 inches at the shoulder. These leopards have long thick fur with colors which vary from smoky grey to a yellowish tan and always with smooth white underbellies, they are characterised by their dark grey spots which cover their fur. Those pale green eyes and wide paws are as adorable as they are deadly. These solitary creatures are carnivores and hunt whatever they are lucky enough to find, ambush predators who lack a growl who rely on their speed and agility more than anything else and rarely attack humans, though they have been known to thieve the occasional livestock assemblages.

1 - Leaf Tailed Gecko
This cool creature who has this camouflage thing down to a fine art form is native to the tropical rainforests of Madagascar and resembles dried up rotting leaves or bark from trees. These geckos are capable of living around ten years and sometimes a little longer. Sometimes these creatures are called the eyelash leaf-tailed gecko or the fantastic leaf tailed gecko. These strange creatures usually range in size from 2 to 6 inches in length including their flattened tails. These nocturnal creatures have strong curled claws for climbing through trees and are able to flatten their entire bodies and even reduce their body's shadow. Like many reptiles, they have the ability to voluntarily shed their tail if needed and eat mainly small insects like crickets and moths.

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