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Top 10 Freebies That People Sold For A FORTUNE -

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There are some really expensive freebies that have ever been sold. Ingenious folk have stored them and managed to convert their free goods from useless trash to lots of cash, and I mean a lot. Here are 10 items people got for free that sold for an absolute fortune.
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Be Amazed at these Most expensive freebies ever sold. McDonald’s toys sold for £8130 - For some of us, collecting happy meal toys was as embedded into our childhood as watching Saturday morning cartoons. But one enterprising kid took his passion for collecting toys to the next level. A Home -run ball sold for $450,000 - Watching a baseball game is one of the best ways to spend an evening but if you happen to catch a home-run ball then it could be the best thing to ever happen in your life. Lady gagas fingernail makes £12,000 - You would assume working at a Lady Gaga concert was already a reward in itself but for one person, it turned into something a lot bigger... or should I say smaller? During the performance, Gaga’s false nail fell off on stage which was found after the gig. Scarlett Johnson’s used tissue sold for $5,300 - During an appearance on the Jay Leno show, the avengers star explained how she had caught a cold, presumably from Samuel L Jackson on set of the spirit. Bieber hair sells for $40,000 - Back in January of 2011, popular TV host Ellen Degeneres tweeted that all she wanted for her Birthday was world peace and a lock of Justin Bieber’s hair.

Elvis Presley's drinking water makes $455 - If one of the guard's at an elvis presley concert gave you a plastic cup that was not only used by the king himself but still contained water he drank, you'd probably be all shook up. Britneys half-eaten sandwich sells for over $500 - A key to success in life is knowing when there is an opportunity and the waiter who served Britney back in 2006 is no exception. When the waiter proceeded to clear the table, he discovered that the pop princess had left behind a half-eaten sandwich; one with her precious saliva. Meteorite sells from £14,000 - Sometimes when we take a walk, the universe decides to drop us a free gift; sometimes it's leaves, other times bird droppings... but what about, Meteorites? Meteorites can fetch serious money. In the early 1900s a space rock was found in a Swedish village believed to have hit earth around 1 million years ago. Mcdonalds Szechaun sauce sold for nearly $15,000 - If you're an avid fan of Rick and Morty, you probably know what Szechaun sauce is. But did you know someone sold a 20 year old packet for nearly $15,000? The sauce was originally part of a promotion for Disney's Mulan though due to the popularity of Rick and Morty referencing the sauce, fans have been going crazy for it. The Baseball card that sold for $3 million - From 1909 to 1911, the American Tobacco Company issued free baseball cards in every pack of cigarettes. However, baseball player Honus Wagner opposed the idea and so only 50-200 cards featuring him were ever distributed to the public.

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