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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Actors Then and Now. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Before and After 2017: Zachary Gordon - Greg Heffley, Robert Capron -Rowley Jefferson, Rachael Harris - Susan Heffley, Steve Zahn - Frank Heffley

The Vampire Diaries - https://youtu.be/hMs-ytiSZf8
C.S. Undercover - https://youtu.be/_ggrSxdBETU
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - https://youtu.be/Wgtjn0o8R0c
That's so Raven - https://youtu.be/QKGsUvUdHNw
Scooby Doo - https://youtu.be/M9P8qdnKMX8
Dumb and Dumber - https://youtu.be/KyBynLevoD0
Jessie 2017 - https://youtu.be/0zeIKuD7sus
Disney Star Kids 2017 - https://youtu.be/xbzU2A6Cj9g
Liv and Maddie - https://youtu.be/pyaGeVYqvsk
Bella and the Bulldogs - https://youtu.be/u_dBqjQQuHw
Henry Danger - https://youtu.be/AEybLZ0wGOk
Malcom in the Middle - https://youtu.be/TaCXT0h-BDE
Sam and Cat - https://youtu.be/suc-gP0zfDw
Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn - https://youtu.be/cWjxZgLb1PA
Real Steel - https://youtu.be/VYM753EOQUc
A.N.T. Farm - https://youtu.be/G2uH437IHso
Zoey 101 - https://youtu.be/0jsGVTKkXdo
Dog with a blog - https://youtu.be/WAUATheFCTY
A Series of Unfortunate Events - https://youtu.be/2tOX3JvJAYU
House of Anubis - https://youtu.be/gCcs4TETGuE
Supergirl - https://youtu.be/MGItNykCeIw
The karate kid - https://youtu.be/fAnG5UWVoMY
Ned's Declassified S.S.G. - https://youtu.be/EeYYSJlyqfM
Beauty and the Beast - https://youtu.be/fbC6tvIrUQw

The music was provided by NCS
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