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Comedy Videos | Comedy Scenes | Comedy Movies Hindi Full | from Hindi Movies 2017 Hero No 1 where eveybody get to know that govinda is not a servant

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Hero No 1 is a comical misunderstanding, makes two rich men, namely Dhanraj Malhotra (Kader Khan) and Dinanath (Paresh Rawal) enemies of each other. Now Dhanraj has a son by the name of Rajesh, who has fallen for Dinanath's grand-daughter, Meena Nath (Karisma Kapoor). When the time comes for the two families to meet, both Dinanath and Dhanraj come face to face, and decide that their animosity cannot be resolved. Rajesh manages to convince his dad, but Dinanath refuses to even acknowledge Dhanraj's presence. Rajesh then decides to enter the Dinanath household as a cook/servant, and try to win the hearts of Dinanath and his family, with comical results.

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