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Islamic Gathering is a place to share and deliver information on a varied subject. The topics covered are majorly related to societal, political, personal, psychological, family issues, history and biography, evil and goodness, pedagogy, children education and upbringing and a wide range of issues and topics, all under the umbrella of Islamic knowledge.


Videos, containing non hatred speech and freedom of expressions, are published by the Islamic Gathering admins, mostly from youtube, dailymotion, Facebook, Playit, and Download vid, etc.

If you want to report any video, you may contact us at [email protected]

We delete the post immediately if all objections are rightly found within 24 to 48 hours. Your emails and queries are also responded.


The content on Islamic Gathering is either by the website users/ admins, originally researched and developed, or by some outside sources and websites, with an authentic permission of the website owners. Most of the contents covered in Islamic Gathering are based on societal, political, personal, psychological, family issues, history and biography, evil and goodness, pedagogy, children education and upbringing and historical issues. The website has its own members and admins, who are well versed in covering a range of issues and discuss matters. They also respond to your queries, which you may send at [email protected]

The content (issues and general topics) from outside are taken from IslamicQA, IslamHelpLine, and OnIslam, etc. with a permission from the site administrators.

Images and Graphics

Designs are made and developed by the site owners and admins. Most of these contain the Bayans, which are originally written and developed by the admins or used with the owner permission in case of outside author. The images are based either on Bayans, or on Ahadith or quotes, where in Ahadith and Quranic verses, the utmost care is made in writing and interpretation of meaning.

Most of the contents are edited and designed by our own designers and admins or used with the owners’ permission, but If you find any copyright issue, please contact us at [email protected] and we will remove your copyright image immediately.

The images, contents, and all the videos and material are used with an intention of Sadqa e Jariya, simply to spread Islam and deliver the knowledge of Islam to spread peace and awareness among people.

Naat and Recitation

Naat are covered in Arabic, English and Urdu languages, from a variety of sources like youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook and others. Recitations are mostly taken from those Hafiz e Quran, who guide you to understanding and reciting Quran rightly. Once again, the sources vary for it, Facebook or Youtube.


Our utmost care is there in handling the site content and the information; however, it is quite obvious that technical errors cannot be abolished all at a place and therefore, making a fault free Website is not in the range of a human. We therefore, give no warranties for the continued operations of the site, and accept no liabilities in this regard.
As already described above, the information received (videos and some written content) is from a third party association, so we do not take responsibility for the information. But we make very careful and utmost cautions in making sure that the Islamic content carries no any dispute. The topics are very general, and covering a range of societal, personal and general issues. Therefore, the Ahadith and Quranic verses are rechecked several times to ensure their accuracy. Similarly, the content selected is based on their general nature and from a range of scholars, so that an understanding on Islamic areas is made clearer to all.
The material on the Website is selected and designed as per following the Sharia’ah law. And it is made sure that no content carries any violence, or disputes. The Islamic Gathering is a place of sharing and delivering the true message of Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) without any interruption in the original context and contents. That is why, general topics are selected to serve the humanity and to clear the misconceptions and spread peace and harmony.
The content are selected not only on the basis of serving a specific community but for the human beings in general. The purpose of the Website is to spread peace and knowledge about Islam and to bring people closer.

Links to and from this website

Any of the contents taken from third party sources are clearly written in hypertext and with proper referencing. We do not have any control of third party websites and therefore, we acknowledge that we do not take any responsibility or liability of the changes or additions they make in their website.

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